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Ask Us Anything: Q&A from Our “How to Hire a Contractor” WEBSHOP

Last week, we hosted our WEBSHOP on hiring the right contractors, and the best part was the questions from our audience. Property managers and building owners came together to seek advice and share experiences. Here are some of the top questions and our answers, offering valuable tips and strategies for choosing the right contractors.

Ask Us Anything: Q&A from Our “How to Hire a Contractor” WEBSHOP

Question: Should all bidders come to one scheduled site meeting, or should there be separate meetings to keep bids competitive?

Answer: Holding one scheduled meeting ensures all bidders receive the same information and can ask questions together. This saves time and resources, promotes transparency, and leads to more competitive bidding and higher-quality outcomes.

Question: When is it beneficial to get a consultant to run the bidding process versus having a property manager do it themselves?

Answer: Hiring a consultant is beneficial for complex or specialized projects, particularly those over $300,000. Consultants bring expertise, streamline the process, and ensure a fair bidding process, especially if the property manager lacks experience or is overwhelmed.

Question: How does adding detailed project requirements benefit the process? Should specific materials be included?

Answer: Detailed project requirements ensure clarity, leading to accurate bids and identifying qualified contractors. Including specific materials is crucial, especially if they require licensed contractors or manufacturer warranties. This prevents unqualified bids and ensures a smoother process and higher-quality outcomes.

Question: When should you contact the non-successful bidders, and how do you respond if they ask who the successful bidder was and the bid amount?

Answer: Contact non-successful bidders promptly after the decision. If they inquire about the successful bidder, it is appropriate to share the name of the winning firm and provide a rough idea of the bid amount. This transparency helps maintain trust and professionalism for future bids.

Our WEBSHOP provided valuable insights into hiring the right contractors. By addressing common questions, we hope to equip property managers and building owners with the knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring successful projects and efficient processes. Stay tuned for more expert advice in our upcoming sessions.

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