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WCP RENEW Newsletter – June 2024 Edition

W.C.P Renew

June 2024 – WCP RENEW for Building Owners, Property Managers and Engineers.

Today in 5 minutes or less, you will learn:

Contractor pricing, what the heck?

We’ve all experienced tendering a project only to receive three to four widely varying prices. How can prices vary so much for one project? Let’s help you understand some of the factors at play so you can better decipher the good from the bad.

Learn more about contractor pricing here.

Missed Our WEBSHOP on Hiring Contractors? Catch Up on the Highlights!

Last week’s WEBSHOP on hiring the right contractors was a hit, with property managers and building owners asking fantastic questions. From holding site meetings to choosing between consultants and in-house management, we covered it all. Want to know the best tips for selecting contractors and ensuring successful projects?

Click here to learn more.

Spot the red flags at your concrete building envelope

There are telltale signs that it’s time for a building inspection. By learning to spot these signs, you can stay on top of maintenance and avoid major expenses down the road.

Learn more here.

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