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Debra Manor

Debra Manor

Vancouver High Rise Restoration and Exterior Commercial Painting

The owners of Debra Manor, a twelve story high rise located in Vancouver’s West End have been long time customers of WCP Building Renewal. Recently we completed a six month restoration and painting project of this key portfolio building. Our work entailed restoration and repair of all concrete substrates including walls, parapets, balcony ceilings and decks. We utilized different concrete materials on the various substrates and a variety restorations techniques included chipping by hand, grinder, re-bar replacement and repair, crack chasing and packing.

In addition to concrete repairs and painting, our crews removed and replaced the window perimeter caulking system for the entire building. We removed the failed caulking by hand and angle grinder, cleaned the substrates, installed new backer rod where required and then tooled new polyurethane caulking at all windows.

Our work was completed via swing stage, rope access and stage scaffolding. To access the building safely, we worked in conjunction with an anchor and roofing company to upgrade the existing anchor system and install new anchors where required.

Scope of Work

  • High rise restoration and exterior commercial painting 
  • Project management
  • Color and design consultation 
  • Concrete restoration and painting
  • Caulking and sealant removal and replacement 
  • Membrane repair and application
  • Metal surface preparation, restoration and painting
  • Rope and swing stage access
  • Stage scaffolding 
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