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Exterior Building Restoration – Debra Manor

1100 Cardero Street

Work included concrete spalling, delamination and crack repair. Along with balcony edge repair and re-sloping of balcony surfaces. All existing sealants at window perimeters and cold joints were removed and replaced with new urethane sealants and caulking. Failed paint and coating systems were removed via concrete polishing. New paint acrylic and high performance paint systems were applied to the entire building envelope. Existing membranes at the deck surfaces were removed and new membranes were installed. The Building was accessed via rope access and swing stage scaffolding.

Building re-enveloping and painting Peace Portal Alliance Church

15128 27B Avenue

Work included the removal and disposal of failed wood siding, reframing of windows and building openings, installation of new Tvek building paper, flashings and a rain screen system. New hardie board and batten panels was installed throughout. At concrete surfaces concrete spalling, concrete delamination and crack repair were performed. Sealants at window perimeter were removed and replaced where needed.  Failed paint and coating systems were removed and new high performance paint systems were applied. The Building was accessed via ladder, boom lift and stage scaffolding.

Specialty Coatings and Painting – Save-On-Foods

Lower Mainland
Various Locations

Work included power washing of all surfaces with a mildew treatment prior to powerwashing. Preparation work included the restoration of structural steel via grinder and the removal of failed paint. Metal and galvalume channel siding was primed with Amerlock 400, a high-solids, high-build epoxy protective coating and then finished with two coats of PSX 805 siloxane coating, a specialty coating with exceptional adhesion and color retention.

Interior Common Area Remodel and Painting – 929 W. 16th Avenue

929 W.16th Avenue

Our work on this interior common area remodeling project included the removal and installation of  new baseboards, trim and door casing throughout the strata complex. Preparation work included drywall repairs and texture removal at the hallways, lobbies and stairwell. Our work also included the installation of new lighting and door hardware for each unit. The final step was painting throughout the condo building with a modern color scheme to dramatically upgrade the look and feel of this property.

Interior Common Area Remodel – North Vancouver

140 E.14th Avenue
North Vancouver

Our work on this two phased interior common area project included the a full remodeling of both the hallways and lobby of this 15 storey high rise on North Vancouver. The scope included the removal of existing wall coverings and skim coating of associated walls. In addition, we removed existing texture at all ceilings and then skim coated to smooth finish to achieve a contemporary look. New wood baseboards, casings and moldings were installed throughout the complex. New lighting was mounted at both the hallway and lobby. New baseboards, door casings and trim were installed throughout the strata complex.  Painting throughout the condo building was completed with a modern color scheme to dramatically upgrade the look and feel of this property. The final step at the lobby phase was the installation of  new wall coverings.

Interior Commercial Painting – Lougheed Shopping Centre

9855 Austin Avenue

Our work included a renewal of the shopping centres coating and paint systems. Including painting of the drywall surfaces, railing systems and most importantly, barrel vault canopies. The metal substrates on the barrel vaults required extensive restorative prep work. We applied a specialized waterborne epoxy paint system to ensure durable and long lasting finish. The building was accessed via  stage-scaffolding and aerial lifts.

Exterior Building Renewal and Commercial Painting – 20330 88th Avenue

20330 88th Avenue

Our work included the removal and replacement of rotten wood fascia and barge boards throughout this multi-building commercial shopping centre. Much of our work was performed after hours to minimise impact on tenants and customers. Scope of work also included power washing of all substrates and the painting of stucco, wood, concrete and metal utilizing various coating systems to ensure a long lasting and durable painting system

Exterior Warehouse Painting – Tilbury Business Park

6901 72nd Street

Our work on this warehouse renewal project included a full power wash and bleach treatment to prepare the surface for painting, followed by concrete spalling and delamination repairs. Failed expansion joints were removed and replaced using Dymonic FC polyurethane sealant. Failed paint was mechanically removed, bare surface were primed and we applied two coats of a high build acrylic paint from PPG Dulux. Metal surfaces were mechanically grinded at rust spots, primed with a rust inhibitive bonding primer and then top coated with a high performance urethane enamel coating system.

Exterior Commercial Painting – Costco Lower Mainland

Costco - Lower Mainland
Various Locations

Scope of work for this warehouse and commercial building renewal included powerwashing and bleach treatment. Application of bonding primer at bare substrates and the application of two finish coats using a high build acrylic coating system. Our work included the re-painting of Costco’s signage throughout the building. To minimise disruption to the business, our work was completed through night shifts and high powered lights deployed to illuminate the building and allow for work after hours.

Exterior Commercial Painting – JYSK

25 King Edward

Our work on this commercial office building renewal and painting project included a full power wash and bleach treatment to prepare the surface for painting. Extensive concrete spalling and delamination repairs were completed. Failed paint was mechanically removed and we applied two coats of a high build  acrylic paint from PPG Dulux to protect the tilt up concrete walls. Metals window surfaces were mechanically sanded to achieve a profile and prepare for a full coat of bonding primer. We then applied two full  top coats of a high performance waterborne enamel via airless sprayer. Much of our work was performed after hours to minimise operational impact for the business and allow our team full access to the site.

Exterior Commercial Painting – 40101 – 40115 The Crescent

40101 - 40115 The Crescent

Our work on this large multi story apartment complex renewal project included a full power wash and bleach treatment to prepare the wood for painting and staining, followed by the repair and replacement of missing and damaged shingles. Wood rot was identified at fascia and trim boards and those boards were replaced by our technicians accordingly. Shingle, siding and trims received two full finish coats of a high performance solid color stain. The building was accessed via boom lift and stage scaffolding.

Interior Commercial Office Painting – Vancouver

450 SW Marine Drive

When YVR Operations assumed control of this sprawling 15,000 square foot operations center, they entrusted WCP Building Renewal with the task of renewing the space. Our team completed drywall repairs and commercial painting, encompassing every facet of the office environment – from walls and partitions to doors and frames.

Despite the magnitude of the project, we completed our work within a two weeks. Leveraging weekends and evenings, we maximized efficiency to meet the client’s stringent occupancy deadline. The execution of our services not only transformed the space but also ensured that YVR Operations could transition into their new facility seamlessly and on schedule.

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