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Burnaby building renewal & commercial painter

Burnaby building renewal & commercial painter

With its majestic views from Deer Lake, Capitol Hill and Simon Fraser, Burnaby is British Columbia’s second largest city and a hub for commercial buildings and strata’s alike. If you are looking for a professional commercial or strata painter in Burnaby, trust WCP Building Renewal. With over a decade in business serving Burnaby and the Lower Mainland, and with countless multi-unit residential projects under our belt, WCP Building Renewal is the natural choice for your painting project in Burnaby.

Burnaby building renewal & painting services

Exterior commercial painting

If you are looking for a Burnaby commercial painting, our experienced teams work with a variety of coatings including latex, elastomeric, urethane and epoxy.  We can apply specialty coatings for your building envelope including stucco, wood, metal and concrete.

Interior commercial painting

When people think Burnaby commercial painters, WCP Building Renewal comes to mind. Our team works with all interior surfaces and can complete drywall and texture repair. Our painters can complete wallpaper removals, drywall repairs and refinish the wall with a color chosen by you alone or with the help of our professional color consultant!

Renewal and restoration

We specialize in Building Renewal and Building Restoration. When a paint system fails or is left too long without maintenance, the surface on which the paint is applied often requires repair or restoration. I you need a concrete contractor, our typical concrete restoration includes removing spalls by chipping and grinding, repairing and replacing rebar, conditioning the repair area, packing the area with the appropriate concrete and finally, finishing to match the existing surfaces.

Stucco restoration may be relatively simple like repairing and matching stucco finishes for small repairs or more challenging stucco restorations that require the removal of an entire stucco system in large areas and then completely rebuilding the stucco system.

Waterproofing and membranes

Many coating systems exist on the market for waterproofing high rises, apartment buildings and warehouses. Typically, these paints are applied to concrete, stucco or brick to seal and protect the surface from water ingress and the damages that may ensue. Commonly referred to as elastomerics, these paints must be applied properly to achieve the desired results.

Deck and balconies on high rises are typically protected with a liquid membrane. Membranes require significant preparation work including washing, paint removal, concrete repairs and leveling, installation of kant strips, priming and application of the membrane. If you are interested in membranes, our project managers will work with you to discuss options and to specify the correct membrane product for your project.

Responsiveness and attention to our needs

“The responsiveness and attention to our needs was fantastic. For that reason alone I made the decision to go with WCP Building Renewal. The experience from beginning to end was smooth and painless. Great!”

C. Rose
Go2HR, Whistler Blackcomb

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